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Source: WWE

The WWE Just Made the Lana-Rusev-Lashley Love Triangle Weirder With a Diva Pregnancy


The Rusev-Lana storyline took a turn for the adulterous recently when the Bulgarian Brute's wife walked out with Bobby Lashley and proceeded to make out with the dude in front of a live audience. Cheating storylines are nothing new in the world of pro-wrestling, which is probably why fans weren't that shocked to see the organization pull this narrative move. Things got even trashier.. errr... complicated when Lana announced she's with child.

Is Lana really pregnant with Rusev's baby or is it just a WWE storyline?

As low-brow as this narrative might be, it's one of the WWE's most popular storylines. This clip of Lana and Bobby Lashley leaving Rusev "crushed" and broken in the ring is one of the organization's most watched recent videos: it amassed over 7 million views in just two weeks.

On a recent episode of RAW, Lana took to the ring to announce that she and Bobby Lashley finally went all the way. You know, like you do on a nationally broadcast television dedicated to athletic entertainment.