Lana Just Made Out With Bobby Lashley in Front of Her Husband and Fans Are Shook

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Oct. 1 2019, Updated 1:09 p.m. ET

WWE fans had their world turned upside down when, out of nowhere, Lana appeared with Bobby Lashley on RAW and proceeded to kiss him right on the face.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem; superstars get in real, and fake, relationships all the time. Where it gets tricky here is that Lana is currently married to swarthy Bulgarian combatant Rusev. As one could imagine, this led to a collective shock for not just viewers at home, but for Rusev himself.

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The WWE does a pretty good job of intertwining the drama that transpires on-camera with their superstars' personal lives. Lana and Rusev are married in real life. They would walk out together, support each other in matches, and even cut promos together. There was even a period when the two were inseparable and always appeared together. Until one day, they weren't.

What happened with Lana and Rusev on WWE's RAW?

Rusev hadn't appeared on WWE programming for a few weeks and when he did show up, he was there without Lana, which immediately struck some fans as strange. Speculations started circulating the internet: was Lana OK? Were the two experiencing some trouble at home? Was she cut from the WWE or just taking a much-needed break?

The question that was on everyone's minds was finally addressed after Rusev was interviewed by Charly Caruso.

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Charly didn't mince words and straight-up inquired what was going on with Lana. Rusev, ever the stoic, offered no information regarding his relationship with Lana, and only spoke up when he was asked about his performance in the squared circle. This led the Bulgarian to call out Seth Rollins for a WWE championship match, but not before saying that he had no desire to discuss the "problems at home" he was experiencing. Oh boy.

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It didn't take long for everyone to know exactly what those "problems at home" were, however. Shortly after Rusev's challenge to Rollins, the bout was confirmed. Rollins was supposed to fight Rey Mysterio for the belt, but that match was scrapped because Brock Lesnar put a beating on both Rey and his kid, Dominick, at the top of the program.

In the middle of Rollins' and Rusev's match, Bobby Lashley walked out on stage, interrupting the action.

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This already got the crowd going, because Bobby was on a break from the action. Then, Lana came out to join him, and then things got hella scandalous. The two then proceeded to share a passionate kiss that had Lana wrapping her leg around the pro-wrestler turned MMA-fighter turned pro-wrestler again, and the night's broadcast ended with everyone stunned by what they had just witnessed.

After flocking to social media to find out more about the nature of Bobby and Lana's relationship, I found that there wasn't much to go on from either Rusev, Lana, or Lashley, save for a few terse tweets. Bobby simple attached a picture of him and Lana making out with the caption, "Mmmm...tastes like strawberry." Rusev simply put up "......". Look at those tweets below.

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This isn't the first time an "infidelity" storyline has been pushed not just in the WWE (it's a classic OH SNAP! moment that's been employed by the organization for decades) but specifically for Lana and Rusev's relationship. Dolph Ziggler and Summer Ray got involved in Rusev and Lana's romance, as did The Rock and Aiden English even once said that he and Lana were getting down and dirty. That claim ultimately broke up the Rusev Day tag team.

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Before Rusev and Lana's hiatus, the hulking superstar lost a tag team title attempt with Shinsuke Nakamura. Rusev had also gone on-record previously saying that he was frustrated with the creative decisions that WWE were going with his character. He said in an interview with Lilian Garcia: "I do all these things but nothing changes. I'm trying to catch Vince's eye. We pitch, we talk and it never comes to anything," Rusev stated.

Their extended break, compounded with his comments, led people to believe that both him and Lana were no longer doing business with the WWE. But their return, and this whole Bobby Lashley scandal, proves that the two are not only back, but they've definitely got some drama to work out both in and out of the ring for weeks to come.

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