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Source: instagram

Lana Just Made Out With Bobby Lashley in Front of Her Husband and Fans Are Shook


WWE fans had their world turned upside down when, out of nowhere, Lana appeared with Bobby Lashley on RAW and proceeded to kiss him right on the face.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem; superstars get in real, and fake, relationships all the time. Where it gets tricky here is that Lana is currently married to swarthy Bulgarian combatant Rusev. As one could imagine, this led to a collective shock for not just viewers at home, but for Rusev himself.

The WWE does a pretty good job of intertwining the drama that transpires on-camera with their superstars' personal lives. Lana and Rusev are married in real life. They would walk out together, support each other in matches, and even cut promos together. There was even a period when the two were inseparable and always appeared together. Until one day, they weren't.