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Source: wwe

Everything You Need to Know About WWE's Most Popular Interviewers


While professional wrestlers are the literal stars of the show in the WWE, the organization's success, like any company, can be attributed to a variety of different people in different roles. Personally, I don't like watching a WWE show without announcers.

For me, it was all about Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler's ringside commentary, which is why I'd prefer to see a pay-per-view event on TV than in-person.

Of course I love wrestlers and there are few things as amazing as a professional wrestler going absolutely nuts and giving everything in an impassioned promo, but I've always had a soft spot for WWW interviewers — especially since the WWE has a storied history of employing some pretty incredible ones.

In fact, there's a hearty stable of talent the WWE has holding the mic right now. Here are few of the more popular backstage interviewers you can see on WWE RAW, SmackDown!, and NXT.