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Who's Going to 'SmackDown'? WWE Draft Results Revealed


Who's going to SmackDown? The 2019 WWE Shakeup had some big roster changes, and it turns out that a lot of the popular predictions people had on the internet were right. Not all of them were, however, and there were some moves that genuinely surprised even the most die-hard and vigilant of fans.

There's always been a question of why the Superstar Shakeup occurs in the first place, and the answer lies in something as simple as the name of the Shakeup itself: it's to shake things up. Literally. Some fans are either die-hard RAW or SmackDown viewers, so they might be missing out on top talent from either brand. But it's also a way to breathe new life into the careers of WWE Superstars themselves.

New match-ups, new incentives, new possibilities, a Super Star who's stuck in a rut in terms of storytelling at either RAW or SmackDown can break the cycle and redefine their tenure in the WWE by fighting to make a splash with their transition to a new night.

So who's going to SmackDown?