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Source: wwe

Rumor Has It That Edge Is Returning to the WWE and Fans Are Stoked


When it comes to one of the most beloved "eras" of the WWE, no time period gets people going more than the "Attitude Era." Mostly because the strong direction that the pro-wrestling organization took helped usher in a whole new demographic of viewers and gave us some of the most memorable superstars that permeated our collective culture. 

And Edge was a huge part of that era, which is why so many fans are excited about the prospect of him coming back.

Along with The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, and countless other superstars, Edge was a top-tier performer who was a fan favorite. 

His high-energy, no-holds-barred approach to every match always had him in the running for title belts and the undeniable chemistry with his in-ring brother, Christian (they're actually best friends IRL) made for a slew of memorable WWE moments.