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Source: 2k games

'WWE 2K20' Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of SmackDown With a Roster of Classic Wrestlers


Thanks to the internet, nothing stays secret for very long, especially when it comes to accidental product leaks, which happen quite frequently with mega-retailers who manage tons of products along with their descriptions, assets like photos and videos, and release dates.

In the case of WWE 2K20: SmackDown! 20th Anniversary Edition, the leak regarding the game comes courtesy of Walmart's website.

Some redditors noticed that the retailer's site was listing a $130 version of the already released WWE 2K20, however, this edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of SmackDown.

When the show debuted, it was a pretty big deal. Prior to SmackDown! coming on air, fans would check out WWE Heat (or Sunday Night Heat, before the name was changed) in addition to RAW, which was the WWE's bread and butter.