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Source: WWE

Edge Made His Triumphant Return to the WWE at Royal Rumble, and He May Be Back for Good


The months leading up to a WWE pay-per-view is often full of rumors about returning wrestlers coming back into the fray. And while there were plenty of rumors about who would return at Royal Rumble, not everyone suspected that Edge would return to the WWE. After he slid into the ring during the epic Royal Rumble match at the end of the event, the crowd went wild. And now fans everywhere need to know if it means he is back and here to stay.

Is Edge back in the WWE? The Superstar returned at Royal Rumble.

The main event at Royal Rumble was well underway and WWE Superstars were dropping left and right in the 25-man match. Suddenly, Edge emerged as entrant 21 and the crowd was shocked. He was one of a handful of surprise returning wrestlers at the event and he proved he could hold his own after spending years out of commission. Naturally, he sparked tons of questions and hopeful tweets among fans who are more than ready to welcome him back as a formidable foe to some of the big WWE stars of today.