Jorobe Has Left the Internet After a TikToker Accused Him of Grooming

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 23 2021, Published 6:51 p.m. ET

Former popular TikToker John Robert Bell, or @jorobe, has his followers wondering if he's been banned from the app after facing accusations of grooming. Both of his TikTok accounts, which once had millions of followers apiece, are no longer on the platform.

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What happened to Jorobe? He was accused of grooming by another TikToker.

John used to have two popular accounts on TikTok, @jorobe and @jorobeirl, where he had more than 5 million followers combined. On these accounts, he would often call out other creators and was often considered to be very politically correct, as he allegedly wanted to make the site a safer place for young users.

But despite the well-meaning image John attempted to put on the internet, he recently faced allegations from another TikToker of grooming.

Source: TikTok
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TikToker @dylg16, whose real name is Dylan, posted a video alleging that John was “one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever met in my life," as the creator had attempted to groom him.

Dylan claims John joined one of his livestreams on the app and asked him for his Snapchat, which Dylan gave him. The two continued a friendship, and Dylan invited John to join the Zoom calls he would often have with his friends.

"After about a week of John joining the Zooms, he asked me if I would want to get an Airbnb with him on my 18th birthday, which was over three months away," Dylan said. "At the time I thought it was a good idea and initially it was supposed to be with other people ... After a few more days I started to realize those were not his true intentions."

He said that John would send him listings for one-bedroom Airbnbs and offered to buy Dylan alcohol for his birthday.

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Dylan claims he attempted to ask if other people could join them on the trip, but John continued to deflect before ultimately dropping it. John then allegedly asked everyone in Dylan's group, which included creators as young as 15, to complete a BDSM test "so he could see our kinks," Dylan said.

Eventually, John began trying to convince Dylan that his friends were talking about him behind his back, attempting to alienate him, Dylan claims.

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Instead, Dylan's friends called Dylan to confront him, saying they felt he was being groomed by John. While Dylan initially denied this, he says he took time to reflect and realized they were right, dropping John without explanation. Dylan says that he eventually learned others had had similar experiences with John, which is what prompted him to speak up.

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“I didn’t say anything for the past eight months because I thought I was the only one, until recently I found out that there are multiple people that John has groomed,” Dylan said. “John does not deserve to have any type of platform because if he does, he will continue this behavior and will not stop preying on teenagers. He is a disgusting and terrible person.”

Jorobe's TikTok accounts, Instagram account, and Twitter account have been deactivated.

Instead of responding to the accusations online, John has seemingly deleted all of his social media accounts. Neither of his TikTok accounts are currently active, and he has released no other statement on the matter. As for fans' questions of whether there was any ban involved, it's unclear at this time.

Dylan has made no comment publicly if he's heard any personal response from John at this time.

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