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Road Rage 'Karen' Screams 'I Have a Black Husband!' When Man Alleges She Called Him the N-Word



A new Karen has reached viral status, this time in the Seattle area. In a viral video posted to his Instagram and Twitter pages, Karlos Dillard alleges that he was driving when a white woman cut him off, spun around to follow him, flipped him off, and called him the n-word.

When she saw that he was filming, she turned around and tried to speed away. But Karlos wasn't about to let her get away with her racist outburst. He followed her to an apartment building, confronted her when she got out of her car, and she immediately lost it, screaming and crying.

"I have a Black husband!" she yells. "You don't understand what happened!" She screams with her hands over her face, presumably to protect her identity. Karlos asks her if she can explain to him, calmly, what did happen. "No because you're attacking me right now!" she whines.

When Karlos films her license plate number, she screams and runs over to cover it. It seems clear that she knows exactly what she did and was trying to avoid having her identity discovered and her racist behavior exposed.

Eventually, a crowd forms, including some people who witnessed the road rage incident. In several more videos posted to Karlos' Instagram story, the woman can be seen lying on the ground behind her car, crying, while people gather. 

Since the video went viral, amassing more than four million views, "I HAVE A BLACK HUSBAND" has trended on Twitter, and Karlos has started selling t-shirts with quotes from the videos.

Source: Twitter

When someone on Instagram questioned Karlos about why he started to try to profit off of the instance immediately, he responded, "White people have profited off Black oppression and hurt of generations, so shall we. I'm also a comedian with a t-shirt company. The only weird thing about this is how she reacted."

According to NewsOne, as neighbors gathered, Karlos and the woman began talking to each other. "I'm a Black gay man and I live my life going through this every day," he says to her. "Just spread love and happiness."

She tells him she wants to "explain her perception" of the situation, but Karlos tells her he doesn't care. She still seems to play the victim and doesn't take responsibility for her actions. 

If she never cut him off, if she never drove aggressively, none of this would be happening. But this woman took her anger out on a Black man, and he called her out publicly. The whole video, which is 15 minutes long, can be viewed on Karlos's Instagram account.

During the last part of their conversation, Karlos doesn't address the allegation that she called him the n-word. She tries to dodge allegations that she flipped him off and repeatedly says that he doesn't know what's "in her heart."

Eventually, she cried and says, "I'm sorry," and she introduces herself as Leah. When she tried to tell Karlos that no one knows "how much I love humanity," he says, "I don't want to hear your white tears." 

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