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Source: wwe

What Happened to Kofi Kingston's Chest?


What happened to Kofi Kingston's chest? The distinct anatomical feature on the WWE SmackDown champion has drawn this same question from fans over and over again.

The "concave" nature of his body part is puzzling to a lot of pro-wrestling viewers. While most superstars peacock around the ring with turgid chests that are the result of strenuous weight-lifting regimens, Kofi's chest, while defined, is nowhere near as massive.

Did Kofi Kingston have a chest accident?

While there's a been a lot of speculation as to why his chest appears to slope "inward," with many believing it was an injury he sustained well before he became the WWE superstar he is today, that's most likely not the case for Kofi.

His chest condition is actually one that's quite common, it's called Pectus Excavatum.