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Source: getty

Kylie Jenner Becomes the World's Youngest "Self-Made" Billionaire


Kylie Jenner has officially become the world's youngest billionaire. She earned the distinction at just 21 years of age, beating out Mark Zuckerberg by a sizable margin.

And while it's an impressive feat, there are a number of people who are raising an eyebrow at the fact that she's being called a "self-made" billionaire.

Of course, Jenner's had the infamy of the Kardashian name to help boost her success. Even before the lip-injections, daily home visits from makeup artists, the hip-shaping and poofing, the jaw-shavings, the butt implants, the personal trainers, the diets, and the endless amount of selfies, she still managed to captivate the interest of people by virtue of her familial associations, even before all the added modern Hollywood glam.

It became apparent that at an early age, back when Kylie was 16-17 years old and dating the now-struggling-to-be-relevant-rapper Tyga, she was a whiz at staying in tabloids and dominating entertainment news. Her Instagram followers kept on racking and racking up. Mama Kardashian knew how to play the fame for fame game, and by the time Kylie "came of age" all of K-Family methods had trickled down and become refined enough to make her the face of a generation that had somehow transformed narcissism into a virtue.