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Source: iStockPhoto, Instagram

All the Times Kylie Jenner Stole Someone's Idea and Passed it Off as Her Own

By Tiffany White

Kylie Jenner's Forbes cover where she was named a "self-made" billionaire rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Although you have to give the 20-year-old credit for surpassing her big sister Kim Kardashian in popularity and net worth, Kylie's climb to fame has been plagued with controversies. Although she's praised for making matte lips, wigs, and camo two-pieces a thing, many of the trends she gets credit for were shamelessly stolen from other people. 

But despite the accusations of intellectual theft, Kylie seems impenetrable to the criticism. Her businesses continue to thrive and she still continues to make money off the backs of lesser-known artists and influencers who've "inspired" her. Below, all the times she's been accused of stealing:

Her Kylie Cosmetics "dripping lips" logo.