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Source: Sony

Another Image of the PlayStation 5 Reportedly Leaked


Sony has been pretty tight-lipped as of late when it comes to sharing additional details about the upcoming PlayStation 5. We already know it's slated for a Holiday 2020 release, but that's about all the concrete information we've gotten just yet. So when the opportunity to look at leaked information and new image arises, everyone takes it. This time, a new set of reportedly leaked images have hit the internet, which appear to show the PS5 and its new controller in their full glory. 

The images started making their rounds earlier in December, but recently began circulating again thanks to how legitimate they look. The prototype, if it looks anything like the one in the photo, features a totally different shape than what PlayStation fans are used to, but seeing these leaks is certainly getting people excited. What's better than an early look at one of the year's most anticipated consoles and video game setups? Nothing, right?