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Source: getty

'Wu Assassins' Is Netflix's First Original Martial Arts Series, and It's Also Trippy as Hell


It's not every day you get an over-the-top, wonderfully cheesy, magically infused martial arts series that's produced in America. Which is why Netflix's Wu Assassins is such a treat: it's a show that you never really thought you wanted. 

Blending crime, action, fantasy, and lots and lots of fighting, along with a stellar cast, which includes Li Jun Li from Blindspot, Chicago P.D., and Why Women Kill, the show's an out-of-nowhere surprise that fight fans will be sure to gobble up.

This is especially true if you grew up watching martial arts movies, which is right up my alley. Den of Geek described the series as being basically "Jackie Chan Adventures with F-bombs and trap music." And it seems like one of the most accurate descriptions of the show around that captures its vibe.