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Source: facebook | mackenzie lueck

What Happened to the Young Woman Who Went Missing in a Lyft?


What happened to Mackenzie Lueck, the young woman who was picked up by a Lyft driver at Salt Lake City airport and disappeared? Investigators believe they have identified and apprehended a person of interest (POI) in the case and are in the process of gathering more evidence. 

Lueck first disappeared on June 17 in North Salt Lake, Utah. She hitched a ride to the area and arrived early in the morning.

What's the latest on Mackenzie Lueck, the missing woman picked up by a Lyft driver?

Police first spoke with the Lyft driver who dropped Lueck off at the location as well as Lyft corporate. Both cooperated fully with the investigation. From their line of questioning, authorities were able to confirm that the address Lueck was brought to wasn't a residence. Lueck's phone hasn't been on since June 17. Although there initially wasn't any indication that she was harmed, the young student's friends feared the worst.

"She’s extremely dedicated. She would never miss her midterms or anything like that," Lueck's friend and sorority sister, Ashley Fine said in an interview with KSL. The University of Utah senior is currently on track to graduate, and has missed several exams and assignments since her disappearance.

Lueck was visiting California to attend a family funeral, and returned back to Salt Lake on the morning of June 17. The last communication she had with her parents was at 1 a.m., when she texted them to let them know she landed safely.