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Uber Driver Drops Customer at Airport, Then Returns to Their House to Rob It


Jackie Gordon Wilson thought that he had a free house to rob after dropping an Uber passenger off at the airport.

There are tons of "creepy" Uber driver stories on the internet that are enough to make you never want to take a ride-sharing service alone again. Of course, there are stories of passengers themselves being nightmares, and drivers making obscene comments regarding salad.

When it comes to taxi services though, I'd reckon Uber and Lyft drivers aren't any more or less creepy, on average, than your traditional cabbie. In fact, at least with Uber and Lyft you have all of the drivers' and passengers' information on file and it can easily be traced by authorities so if they do decide to go and do something heinous, they're gonna get caught.

Which is exactly what happened with Jackie Gordon Wilson. The Uber driver thought he had a free house to rob after picking up a passenger from their home in San Mateo, California and bringing him to the airport.

If you check Zillow real quick, you'll see that San Mateo doesn't exactly look like a cheap area. What I think probably happened is that our man Jackie noticed our passenger lived in a decent spot and figured they would be out of town, since they were going to the airport and all.