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Source: getty

Dubstep Could Be the Answer to Humanity's Mosquito Problem


For some reason, researchers have discovered that playing a specific Skrillex song stops mosquitoes from eating and breeding.

I'm not sure which branch of science this is, but I would have definitely been a lot more interested in STEM subjects growing up if I discovered that the power of gratingly-annoying electronic music had the power to drive the world's objectively worst animal into extinction.

To say mosquitoes are a huge problem is an understatement. They're the number one murderers of human beings. More than Hitler. More than Pol Pot. More than the Dutch in the Congo. More than Stalin. More than that eighth grader who's obsessed with Call of Duty who's just having an "off day" and would totally smoke you in that other game he was just playing but he just feels like taking it easy on you now for some reason.

Mosquitoes are more deadly than all of those murderers combined.

The crazy thing is, they're not even a "necessary evil" contributing to the planet's larger, global ecosystem or anything like that. The overwhelming majority of the world's ecologists agree mosquito extinction would have little to no negative impact on the world.

That's  probably why so many scientists are working like mad to find a way to kill these nasty little buggers off once and for all.

And that brings us back to our good friend, Skrillex.