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17 Items That Exist Solely to Irritate Us



There are some useful things that are annoying to use by nature, like ironing boards, or situationally, like umbrellas on a windy day. Dealing with shoelaces that are too long is also annoying, despite how important of a function they serve.

But the thing about all of these inventions is that they are actually useful in spite of their flaws. The following items identified on reddit, however, are not.

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The fake "x" on pop-up ads.

Source: winshield

You just want to get out of the ad, and now you're stuck clicking on a survey you never wanted to take in the first place.

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The delayed-adjustment screen.

Source: cnn

The tab you opened up just finished loading and you try to click on a link but, at the last second, the screen shifts and you click on the wrong thing.

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Region locking.

Source: youtube

Great, now I have to go through the trouble of getting a VPN because I can't watch my favorite show while vacationing out of the country. Screw you, Netflix.

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Impossible to open plastic packaging.

Source: hbo
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Commercials that are louder than TV shows.

Source: tristar pictures

Thanks for forcing me into being a remote control babysitter for the duration of my TV watching experience.

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Fake drawer handles.

Source: loews

I know you don't want to ruin the aesthetic of your kitchen, but it's kind of maddening when I'm just looking for a knife to cut open the plastic packaging for a box cutter I just purchased.

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Source: party city

Sure, they're made for kids, and they absolutely love it. But just talk to the parents who have to clean up the inevitable mess that's left over afterwards. Horrible.

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All automatized customer service numbers.

Especially when it takes forever to reach a human being.

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Car alarms.

Source: gifer

Does anyone ever hear them go off and think a car is actually being stolen or do anything to stop it?

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Source: fox
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Fake pockets on women's clothing.

Source: tumblr
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Number of hot dog buns vs hot dogs in packs.

Source: netflix

The 10 vs 8 debate is a question for the ages.

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Ads you can't skip.

Source: hulu

Want to make sure I'll always associate rage with your product? Put it on Hulu, a service I already pay for, and don't allow me to skip it when I'm trying to watch a show.

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Income Taxes.

Source: IRS

The government knows all of the jobs we work and take our taxes out accordingly, so why do we need to file every year? BS.

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Traffic lights on one-way streets with no crosswalks.

Source: reddit

Like a street in Boston this Redditor is talking about. Just put a stop sign, if anything.

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Impossible to remove stickers.

Source: imgur

You shouldn't need a razor blade and rubbing alcohol to remove them, yet there you are, scraping away and reeking of a hospital.

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Credit card information...for a free trial.

Source: gal kremer | youtube

If it's free then why do you need my card info? To hell with you.

What are some of the things that frustrate you to no end?

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