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Source: getty

A PS4 Sale on Craigslist Turns Into an Expert Lesson in Trolling

By Mustafa Gatollari

The seedy online underbelly of deal-hunting almost always ends at meet-up sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, which you should always navigate with caution. There's nothing worse than agreeing on a price for a cell phone or that long lost Labyrinth VHS, only to find yourself meeting under a bridge in Teaneck with a dude pointing a knife at your Adam's apple. Worst Thursday night ever.

You'll obviously need to be tread carefully and follow all of the correct protocols: meet in a public place, never wire, Paypal of Venmo money beforehand, check the packaging for defects, etc..

The good news is that some Craigslist scammers are just looking for a way to amuse themselves.

Sure, this can be a huge bummer if you take yourself super seriously and can't stand someone having a giggle at your expense. But if I got trolled by this guy while searching for something online, I'd definitely take it as a win, even if I didn't nab a Playstation 4 for super cheap.