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Source: getty

A PS4 Sale on Craigslist Turns Into an Expert Lesson in Trolling


The seedy online underbelly of deal-hunting almost always ends at meet-up sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, which you should always navigate with caution. There's nothing worse than agreeing on a price for a cell phone or that long lost Labyrinth VHS, only to find yourself meeting under a bridge in Teaneck with a dude pointing a knife at your Adam's apple. Worst Thursday night ever.

You'll obviously need to be tread carefully and follow all of the correct protocols: meet in a public place, never wire, Paypal of Venmo money beforehand, check the packaging for defects, etc..

The good news is that some Craigslist scammers are just looking for a way to amuse themselves.

Sure, this can be a huge bummer if you take yourself super seriously and can't stand someone having a giggle at your expense. But if I got trolled by this guy while searching for something online, I'd definitely take it as a win, even if I didn't nab a Playstation 4 for super cheap.


The way he darts and shifts the conversation every few texts is probably infuriating for a guy who pays for things in "dallors." He ended up getting so befuddled by our troll's zig-zagging, he ultimately offered up his shoes in exchange for the PS4. A weird offering, but our prankster ran with it.


Normally I'd feel bad for someone who just wanted to buy something, but offering $80 for a PS4, especially when it's listed for $250, is pretty insulting.

Also, what's wrong with this guy? Why isn't he responding to the troll's offer to attend a Game of Thrones convention with him dressed up as characters from completely different fantasy franchises? I love this dude.


The frustrated potential buyer indicates they aren't interested in any "games" and just want the Playstation 4, but that doesn't deter our troll, who manages to continue escalating in ridiculousness.

The fact that this buyer is still trying to get the PS4 is so confusing. Surely they have to know they're being played?

It becomes very clear the buyer is what scientists would classify as stupid. Or at least hopeful that they'll get a Playstation 4 for $80. They must really want to game online with their friends.

Absurdly, the buyer refuses to don a yellow dress for their meeting, which was to take place in 3 weeks. I don't know how he expects to buy a video game console at such a low, low price without gussying himself up a little bit, but hey, not everyone was raised right.

Finally, the buyer catches on and voices his displeasure with all of our troll's ridiculous requests, but just when you think he's done, he still keeps trying to buy the PS4 for $80.

If you didn't feel bad before then, feel free to feel a little crummy right now: it turns out the motivated buyer is only 12 years old. So that explains his painful optimism.

I guess the troll felt bad once he discovered the age of the buyer he was roasting, so he decided to end it. We never found out if the boy took him up on his offer of friendship, but I'm going to guess he didn't.

I hope he ultimately does get that PS4, though.