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27 Everyday Annoyances That'll Instantly Make You Rage


It seems like every time I log into Instagram I see a bunch of inspirational quotes from yoga people that promote healthy thinking and being in zen states of mind by not allowing anyone to get you angry.

Like, "don't sweat the small stuff" or some other platitude that makes you think you can easily cut out the shallow things that really, really get to you.

Well I'm sorry but it's not that easy. I can't do a downward-facing crane spiral pose and just pretend like a guy blasting garbage music on his speakerphone while everyone's minding their own business on the train, not to mention taking up two seats with his backpack, is not going to bother me. It is going to bother me and I'm happy that it bothers me because I don't ever want to be as ill-mannered as that piece of human garbage who I hope misplaces his ticket when the conductor comes by and is forced to step off the train and get stranded for hours before he finally makes it back to whatever snakepit he calls home.

Sorry, I might have gone a bit overboard for a second there, but I know there are more than a few people out there who get bothered by everyday annoyances, like these peeps in this AskReddit thread.

1. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

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Putting on fresh socks in the morning and then stepping in water on the kitchen/bathroom floor right before you leave for work.

- chim_heil