This Man Hates Rush Hour Traffic So Much He Swims To Work Every Day

This man hates his commute so much that he swims to work daily.


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:21 p.m. ET

Commuting isn't fun. Especially if you have to commute during rush hour; whether you take the train, the bus, or you drive — you know the horror that is rush hour and dealing with commuters during the worst possible times in the day (either as they face the dread of another day of work, or as they come home after dealing with the grind all day). Commuting can be such a pain in the @$$ that one man has found an incredibly unlikely solution. 

A man named Benjamin David has found a way to circumvent all the fumes, noise, road rage and sheer tedium of rush hour traffic. Every day, he straps on his necessities in a water proof bag, and hops into Germany's Isar River in Munich. Then he does it again on the way back. The BBC reports that David swims a mile and half every day to and from work rather than deal with the roads. Which is, honestly, relatable. 

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Yes, even his computer is in there. 

David says he wears a wetsuit when it's cold, swim trunks in the heat, and he has no problems except for folks mocking him from the shore.

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Now, joining in the crowds of people giving him a hard time for his unconventional but somewhat brilliant way of getting to and from work every day, the people are also mocking him online. And, of course, it's way, way more than just the people on the shores. It's the entire Internet. 

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Why the negativity? If David smelled that bad, he would probably get told to work from home. The only danger he's really posing is to himself. Swimming on a Monday morning sounds exhausting; on the other hand, I bet you get ripped as anything.


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