"Who Is This POS"? — Man Abandons Puppy Outside Apartment Building in 100-Degree Heat

In a viral TikTok, one woman shared heartbreaking footage captured on her apartment complex’s security camera of a man abandoning a puppy outside.

Haylee Thorson - Author

Jul. 10 2023, Published 2:35 p.m. ET

TikTok creator @jessicamlynnr shares footage of a man abandoning a puppy outside of her apartment
Source: TikTok/@jessicamlynnr

It takes a cruel type of person to cause harm to pets intentionally — especially when said pets are puppies. It’s of the utmost importance to treat dogs with love and care when taking on the responsibility of caring for them.

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However, some people are ill-equipped and approach getting rid of their pets in irredeemable ways.

In a viral TikTok video, creator @jessicamlynnr (Jessica M’Lynn) shared astonishing footage of a man abandoning a young dog outside her apartment complex in 100-degree heat.

Here’s what went down.

TikTok creator @jessicamlynnr shares footage photo of Dallas Police Officer holding abandoned puppy
Source: TikTok/@jessicamlynnr

TikTok creator @jessicamlynnr shares a photo of a Dallas police officer holding the abandoned puppy.

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A man abandoned a puppy outside of an apartment building.

In her video, Jessica shared heartbreaking footage captured on her apartment complex’s security camera of a man abandoning a puppy outside of her building.

The clip depicted the person dragging the small dog on a leash across the floor and dumping it in 100-degree heat before walking away unbothered.

And the saddest part?

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As soon as the man left the pup, it ran to the door that the owner exited, hopelessly waiting for him to return.

“I’m in big trouble because I just randomly found this puppy,” Jessica said in the following clip, lifting the abandoned dog to the camera.

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“What are we gonna do with you?” she asked the pup as he playfully licked her fingers. The creator explained that she could not have another dog and worried about the puppy’s future.

Fortunately, in the video’s final segment, Jessica posted a photo of a police officer holding the unclaimed dog, writing, “Shout out to the Dallas Police Department for their love for animals.”

So, how is the puppy doing now?

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The woman shared an update on the abandoned puppy.

Naturally, TikTok was itching for updates about the abandoned puppy situation. And Jessica delivered.

Two days after sharing the devastating video, the creator took to the vertical video app to share what happened following finding the animal outside her apartment complex in a second TikTok captioned “Pupdate!”

First and foremost, Jessica shed light on the person who abandoned the animal.

Unfortunately, the man who left the dog in the 100-degree heat did not live in her building. Instead, the person seemingly followed someone through the gate and quickly disposed of the puppy before anyone could catch him.

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However, Jessica provided the Dallas Police Department with all available information and is waiting to hear back about potential charges from the detective.

As for the dog, the outcome couldn’t have been better.

The creator revealed that one of the police officers had a friend looking to adopt a puppy and that the unclaimed animal was a match made in heaven. And if adoption didn’t work out, Jessica offered her services as a temporary solution.

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“He has my information,” she clarified. “I would take the dog back [and] foster him until we can find a more permanent happy home.” She also reiterated that the pup was “in good hands” and would be taken care of regardless of who he ended up with.

And other creators in the TikTok comment section were glad about how the potentially disastrous situation played out. “My heart is so relieved that he didn’t hurt that baby,” one person shared. “And that you found him.”

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