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Source: istock

Dog Owner Dies of Sepsis After Infection From Letting His Dog Lick Him


Dogs are the harbingers of everything good in this world. In fact, they're so pure that science has proven they can basically "smell" or sense bad people. If that doesn't scream man's best friend, I don't know what does.

So it makes complete sense that we often feel more comfortable with our furry counterparts than we do other human beings, which is why this story about a man contracting sepsis from his dog's lick is so troubling.

When you have a puppy all our own that you've been lucky enough to care for, it's not abnormal to show an inordinate amount of affection to said puppy. Dogs have these limitless amounts of love and are big fans of expressing it. Whether it's sitting in your lap like a baby (no matter how big they are) requesting endless belly rubs and pats, and, of course, sniffing your face and licking it constantly, it's always wonderful.

Source: DreamWorks Pictures