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Source: Facebook

This Person's Drawings of Dogs Are So Bad They're Good


I know at least two truths about the world. One: Dogs are the best animals to ever exist. Two: Drawing is hard. Both of these truths are on display in the new project of Jay Cartner, dog owner, artist, and hilarity-provider. Jay has been drawing and painting for 25 years, but it's their recent simple doodles of dogs that have gone viral and gained the so much attention for their "so bad they're good" quality. They truly are adorable in the funniest way possible.

Jay and their husband own three retired racing greyhounds named Stanley, Stuart, and Kitty. Jay started drawing silly doodles of Stanley, who is always on the move and ends up in weird positions, and people loved them so much that they started sending photos of their own dogs (and other pets!) to get their very own Flat Dog Doodle.  

The lack of perspective in these drawings just add to their character. Not to mention, Stanley is a total ham for the camera. "Stanley was my first greyhound," Jay told Bored Panda. "He's 8 years old. I adopted him six years ago and he was so wonderful that I almost immediately started fostering retired greyhounds." 

So not only is Jay a talented artist, but they're also a rescuer of pups! About Stanley, Jay said, "He is an absolute goofball! He loves cookies and hates any form of exercise. [Same, Stanley. Same.] He was born to lounge on the couch; in fact, he might be more potato than greyhound!"  

Jay started doodling Stanley and their other dogs after a stressful day at work. It was a way to unwind! "I succeeded in making myself laugh and posted these sketches on Facebook in case it might make someone else smile," Jay said. "I had no idea they would be quite this popular!"  

But look at them! They clearly deserve all the attention they got. Somehow, even though the drawings are so simple and silly, they each capture what's special about the dog.  

Soon, the requests started pouring in, and Jay started doing custom Flat Dog Doodles and posting them on Facebook and Instagram. Just take a look at Dennis, this absolute unit. What a good boy.  

Source: Facebook

And Jay doesn't just draw dogs! You got pigs? Cats? Horses? You name an animal, Jay can draw a hilarious portrait of them. Opal's pure joy and beautiful smile really come across in this one.

Source: Facebook

Is this a dog or a lion? We may never know. After Flat Dog Doodles exploded in popularity, Jay became super busy with commissions, getting requests for everything from canvas paintings to shower curtains. Jay hopes to be able to produce custom t-shirts and tote bags soon.

Source: Facebook

And oh boy, I would buy a Flat Dog Doodle tote bag in an instant. These drawings truly are fine art. You don't realize just how weird cats are shaped until you look at a very simplistic drawing of one. 

Source: Facebook

Don't worry; Jay also draws people. So if you want a Flat Dog Doodle of you and your pet, never fear. Jay will absolutely nail it. Do you think Jay would do a family portrait of me, my fiancé, and my dog? I could get it printed on a tapestry and hang it over the mantle like a Victorian painting.

Source: Facebook

This dog looks how I look every time I try to take a selfie. I always capture the worst angle so you can see every single one of my chins. But the worst selfie angles make for the best Flat Dog Doodles, clearly.

Source: Facebook

Can we just take a moment to slow down and appreciate the majesty that is Sugarplum? She is a legend of the dog world and Jay perfectly captured her extremely sad face, extremely long tongue, and extremely luxurious coat. 

Source: Facebook

Norman! I know a dog named Norman, and while he isn't the same type of dog, he is just as goofy and playful as this Norman is. I especially love the muffin top of skin bulging out over Norman's collar. It's the perfect detail.

Source: Facebook

This pair has tons of personality and Jay totally nailed their looks. Honestly, I feel like this doggy portrait belongs in some kind of modern art museum. I'm officially naming Jay the "Pupcasso" of the art world.

Source: Facebook

Not going to lie, this dog looks like an evil character from the Monsters Inc. movies, but that makes him all the more special. That smile simply can't be beat.

Source: Facebook

Jay says Flat Dog Doodles are probably so popular because "our animals all have such wonderful individual personalities and these doodles illustrate these personalities in a simple and fun way." It's so true! This drawing totally captures Walter's essence.

Source: Facebook

When someone commissions a piece of art, Jay will talk to them about their pet, what makes them special, and then Jay tries to "let their personalities shine through the drawings." Side note: I cannot get over Lakyn's tiny leg. Too funny.

Source: Facebook

See? Fluffy Francine is clearly one ornery cat. Jay totally nails her mean mug and her seated position that says, "Yeah, I'm sitting like this. What are you going to do about it?"

Source: Facebook

Flat Dog Doodles are just pure joy. Jay said, "I've been told that my doodles provide something of a brief escape from the crushing weight of existence. I understand that my style is not for everyone, and that is OK! Art is subjective! I'm just happy that I'm able to make people smile!"

Source: Facebook

I for one believe that anyone who doesn't like these drawings is sorely mistaken and needs to get their eyes checked. Please check out Flat Dog Doodles, commission Jay for portraits of your pets, and spread this joy far and wide!