Woman Was “So Uncomfortable” After Finding Out a Stranger Folded Her Clothes


Nov. 28 2023, Published 3:42 p.m. ET

We’ve all heard of impatient people taking clothing out of a washer or dryer when no other machines are available. But one woman said a stranger took her clothes out of a dryer — and even folded them — when every other machine was free.

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“OK, I just had such a weird experience, and I need to know if I am freaking out the appropriate amount because I am so uncomfortable and so upset about what just happened,” TikTok user Sophie Schneider said in a video she uploaded on Nov. 27, 2023.

Someone folded this woman's clothes, even though other dryers were available.

In the video, Sophie explained that she lives in an apartment complex where there aren’t washers and dryers in the units but shared laundry rooms for the tenants to use. Each laundry room, she said, has something like six or seven washers and nine or 10 dryers.

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Sophie then set the scene for her weird encounter. “It is 11 p.m., I put my clothes to dry about an hour ago — just washing clothes that I needed for tomorrow — and I was the only person in the laundry room when I put [the clothes in the washer] so it was the only washer being used,” she said.

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But Sophie wasn’t the only one wanting to do laundry that night. “When I was moving my clothes from the washer to the dryer, an older man came in to put his clothes in the laundry room,” Sophie recalled. “I said hi and, like, left almost immediately.”

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When it was time to retrieve her finished laundry, Sophie got an unpleasant surprise. “I come back an hour later to get my clothes out of the dryer, and my clothes are folded on top of the dryer that I used, and the man — I’m assuming it was his clothes — his clothes are in the dryer that I was using. That was the only dryer being used,” she said. “There are approximately 10 other dryers that are not used.”

She’s not sure why the other person touched her clothing — or what else they touched.

“This man touched my clothes, not knowing what was in my load of laundry, [and] folded them to use one out of 10 dryers, the one dryer that wasn’t available out of 10 dryers, nine of which were available,” Sophie told followers in the video.

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Sophie went on: “Why are you touching my clothes? Like, I feel violated. I feel like I need to wash my clothes again. I don’t know this person. I don’t know what he touched before he touched my clothes. I’m so uncomfortable. That’s, like, not normal behavior when there’s nine other dryers.”

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TikTok commenters are aghast.

In the comments under Sophie's TikTok video, other users expressed revulsion about her encounter. “Now that’s just strange and creepy,” one person wrote.

“Creep out factor at maximum,” another commenter said. “Did you check to be sure something wasn’t missing?”

A third user wrote, “Hell no. Nope. Absolutely not. I would be so weirded out by that. I’d never go back alone.”

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Other users had an idea about the off-putting behavior. “I’ll bet he took your [clothing] out before the cycle was over and did his for free,” one wrote.

“He stole some of your dryer time,” another person commented. “He checked your clothes, they were dry, you still had time.”

Regardless, the takeaway here should be clear: Just don’t touch strangers’ laundry, folks!

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