Woman's Ex Asks If He Can Send Her Flowers, She Sneakily Gives Him a Morgue's Address

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Nov. 28 2023, Published 12:08 p.m. ET

For the most part, the goal of dating is to find someone who will be by your side through whatever life throws at you. But, in many cases, relationships don’t work out, and a number of factors can make someone in the relationship decide their partner isn’t their “person.”

When this realization occurs, the healthiest next step is to end the romance before anyone gets further into their feelings.

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Unfortunately, the ones on the other side of the breakup sometimes have difficulty letting go, such as one woman’s pressed ex.

On TikTok, the woman said her ex went to unbelievable lengths to get her attention. He picked the wrong one to play with, as the woman had a few tricks.

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A woman named Bree told TikTok her married ex was practically stalking her.

If you’ve been dating long enough, chances are you have an ex. While some exes have no trouble remaining friends after a split, in even more cases, it’s best to part ways and wish each other the best from afar, especially if one or both of you are in another relationship.

In November 2023, a TikTok user named Bree (@theygobreenanas) shared that one of the ghosts of her exes' past haunted her, even though he is married. Bree said she and the mystery man — who also happens to be a successful NFL star — dated for seven months and were engaged in 2017/2018.

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During their time together, Bree said her ex wanted her to give up a job she had in Dubai as a petroleum engineer. Bree refused to give up her lucrative career to be a “housewife,” so the engagement eventually ended.

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Cut to 2023, Bree thought she and the ex had moved on with their lives. She said the man in the equation is married with children and a wife who is seven-and-a-half months pregnant. So, because he seemingly has a lot on his plate, Bree was stunned when her ex tried to communicate with her five years after their split.

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Bree had her ex send flowers to a morgue’s address after he refused to leave her alone.

Bree said around “three months ago,” she began receiving DMs from the ex. In the screenshots, the MARRIED father sent Bree countless unanswered texts, such as “Hey love, wyd,” “Good morning lil lady,” and the ultimate f-boy line, “thinking about you.” After leaving him on read multiple times, Bree replied to the man’s “thinking about you” text and said, “How about you think about your wife, sir.”

Bree’s ex then informed her he was unhappy in his marriage and only married the mother of his children because Bree left him. He then offered to send her flowers and asked for her address. Bree obliged, though she craftily gave him the address to a morgue in Decatur, Ga.!

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Bree’s ex sent the flowers to the morgue, and, during the delivery time, 1 p.m., he texted her and asked if she received the “1,000 roses” he sent. She informed him she didn’t have them and warned him to leave her alone once and for all.

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“The address I sent you is a county morgue,” Bree’s screenshot of the text thread with her ex read. “So leave me alone before I tell your wife.”

“This relationship is dead,” she added. “Like the people in that building.”

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Bree’s blast from the past worsened when the ex’s wife entered the chat.

After Bree informed her ex that she wasn’t interested in anything he was selling her, she thought that was the end of their random communication. However, three days later, she gave her followers an update that included her ex’s wife.

Bree’s first video received multiple comments, including one from a user @eronkyle, who said they felt “sorry” for Bree’s ex’s wife, though they thought Bree’s morgue plan was “top tier.” On Nov. 17, 2023, Bree replied to the user’s comment in another TikTok and said the ex’s wife saw her TikTok and opened up to her about her marriage.

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Bree started the video by posting more screenshots of texts from her ex. Sis must have him in a chokehold because even after telling his business on social media, the man was still willing to leave his wife and children for Bree.

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Bree then shared a screenshot from an Instagram message her ex’s wife sent her. The woman claimed she always knew her husband still had feelings for Bree and often reminded her that she could never compare to her in his eyes. The woman also said Bree’s ex was so obsessed with Bree that, when they welcomed their first child, the ex named his and his wife’s daughter after Bree. You can’t make this up!

Bree immediately called cap on her ex’s wife’s allegations. However, after doing a little digging for herself, Bree realized the wife wasn’t lying, as their daughter had her first and middle name. Creepy!

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Bree’s TikTok community strongly believes she made the right decision in leaving her ex.

Bree shared in her initial TikTok that she was glad she didn’t waste too much energy on her philandering ex. Many of her commenters agreed and felt she won by not going through with the relationship.

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“You’re a Queen,” one commenter wrote. “Definition of standing on business.”

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“Bree girl, what did you do to this man?!” another user wondered.

“Girllll, the wife is in the sunken place. Ain’t no way,” a third user presumed.

Bree’s TikTok nightmare is a cautionary tale for anyone wondering if their man is toxic. Her ex sounds like a walking red flag who will likely hurt any woman he interacts with until he gets the help he needs. Unfortunately for him, Bree (and hopefully one day his wife) isn’t interested in cleaning up his emotional mess.

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