Here’s What It Means to Be “Standing on Business” and How It Makes Life Easier

The phrase “standing on business” is one of TikTok’s ways of holding people accountable. Here’s an overview of what it means and how to use it!

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Nov. 8 2023, Published 11:50 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Standing on Business, a phrase circulating on TikTok
  • The phrase became popular after Druski posted a video about “Standin on Business” in September 2023 and is a way to keep people honest.
  • There are several ways to apply Standing on Business in your everyday life.
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“Practice what you preach.” “I said what I said.” “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.”

In addition to these popular phrases being riddled with alliteration, they also suggest the same concept: the person saying one of them to someone isn’t playing any games.

While at least one of those phrases has caught your attention once or twice, in 2023, TikTok introduced millions of users to another wording that falls in the same family — Standing on Business.

Standing on Business is a catchy three-word phrase, a song, and, honestly, a way of being (at least, it should be if you’re a real one!) You may not know what standing on business means, but after reading this breakdown of its meaning, we hope you’ll see that you’ve been living it out loud without even realizing it!

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What does “standing on business” mean? An overview of the TikTok sensation.

Like many TikTok trends, narrowing down who was the first to say standing on business is challenging. However, Druski was one of the first influencers with a large platform to express standing on business in his content.

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Druski, known for routinely going viral on social media, posted a TikTok about “Standin on Business” in September 2023. The video, titled “Dudes Say ‘Standin on Business’ BUT DO THE OPPOSITE,” used examples of how some men pretend to be one way on their online profiles but fail to deliver in their actual lives.

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In his video, Druski’s examples included men flexing about how much money they make, though they can’t afford to shop for the designer clothes they desire. He also showed himself rapping “Standin on Business,” followed by him “pulling up” on a group of men, stating he’s “standing on business” and then running once he realized they were down to tussle.

So, what does the phrase mean? When you’re on business, you show up for yourself and do what you say you will do. Rather than saying you’re one way on social media or elsewhere, you’re living that way and not making your circumstances greater (or worse) than they are. If you don’t, the people around you will know you’re not “standing on business.”

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As TikTok user Mrs. “Kit-Kat” Williams’ (@kitkatintheclassroom) high school students explained when the teacher discussed standing on business in one of her “Lit Lingo” videos. During the video, one student explained you have to “practice what you preach.”

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Another student used the teacher’s salary as an example, stating if she says she makes “a whole bunch of bands a week” and the students see Mrs. Kit-Kat is bringing in serious coins, Mrs. Kit-Kat is “standing on business” because she didn’t lie about making the bands.

Get it?

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Here’s how to stand on business in your everyday life.

Now that we have an explanation of what standing on business means, here’s how you can apply it to anyone who doesn’t think you have it in you to stand on business. Since the expression surfaced, many online users share how they practice the mantra on TikTok, X, formerly Twitter, etc.

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One of the most popular ways to apply standing on business is in romantic relationships. If you’re sick of dealing with an F-Boy who refuses to see your worth, you can stand on business by no longer speaking to him (her, them, etc).

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However, once you’ve blocked them, you have to stand firm in your decision, as you aren’t standing on business anymore by resuming communication.

In addition to romantic relationships, standing on business can apply to your professional life. Do you know you deserve a promotion? Do your credentials need more recognition? Advocating for yourself is a great way to stand on business, especially when you know you have the skills to back it up!

We hope this clarifies your standing on business and that you feel confident to practice it!

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