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Confused About the 'Marauders' Ending? You're Not Alone (SPOILERS)



Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the 2016 film Marauders.

You’ve never seen an action movie with as many hot bald men as Marauders. The movie follows a team of FBI agents trying to catch a gang of vicious bank robbers. After a major bank is hit, all signs point to the bank’s owner, but as the agents close in on their supposed target, they learn that a larger conspiracy is in the works.

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But with a number of twists and turns in this movie, even audiences who paid close attention may have trouble keeping up with the plot of the Marauders. So, what exactly happens in the ending of this big-budget action thriller? 

Keep scrolling while we explain.

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'The Marauders' ending, explained.

Marauders is an action thriller featuring an ensemble cast of talented actors. Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU) stars as Special Agent Jonathan Montgomery who is leading the investigation into a string of violent bank robberies and its special task force within the Cincinnati PD.

Joining Montgomery on the investigation are also his deputy, Agent Stockwell, played by Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Special Agent Wells, played by Adrian Grenier (The Devil Wears Prada).

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After four masked robbers steal $3 million dollars from Hubert International Bank and execute the bank manager, Steven Hutchinson, the FBI forensics team finds a bullet at the crime scene with the fingerprint of a dead Army ranger named T.J. Jackson. 

According to official reports, Jackson and his team had gone rogue a few years earlier and kidnapped Alexander Hubert for ransom. 

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But the kidnapping went wrong and the Rangers ended up being killed along with Alexander. This led the only remaining heir, Alexander’s brother Jeffrey Hubert, played by Bruce Willis (Die Hard), to take over as president of Hubert International. 

After a second heist and another bullet with T.J.’s fingerprint is found, Agent Montgomery also receives photo evidence of a possible affair between Hubert and Ohio Senator Cook. Then the robbers themselves contact Montgomery and urge him to look into Hubert’s corruption. 

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Following a third heist, Montgomery is sent yet another file. This time, the file is also leaked to the media and audiences learn that Jeffrey Hubert had conspired with Senator Cook to prevent brother Alexander from taking over the bank. It turns out that it was Jeffrey and the senator who briefed the Ranger team with false information, leading them to kidnap Alexander.

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Thinking they had gone rogue, Special Forces were sent in to neutralize the Ranger team. But it turns out that their leader T.J. was the sole survivor, saved by then-Special Forces sniper Wells! 

It’s revealed that FBI Special Agent Wells is actually the leader of the bank robbers and had planned the heists as revenge for the Ranger massacre that he regretfully took part in.

After Montgomery unsuccessfully tries to bring down Hubert and Cook through legal channels, he convinces Wells to release the evidence to the press. At this point, Hubert flees the country. But there’s more.

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Montgomery manages to track Hubert down in Mexico but when he arrives at the restaurant where he believes Hubert will be, he runs into Wells getting ready to kill Hubert himself. After a lengthy conversation, Montgomery manages to convince Wells to use the stolen money to help others and let go of his need for revenge.

Wells agrees but in the next scene, audiences see Montgomery confront and stab Hubert with a concealed blade. As Hubert’s bodyguard tries to shoot Montgomery, Wells guns him down thereby saving Montgomery’s life. The two men briefly lock eyes before they silently go their separate ways.

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