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Source: Hulu

This Is the Significance of the Marsten House in 'Castle Rock' Season 2


*Warning! Spoilers for Castle Rock Season 2 ahead*

If you watched Season 1 of Castle Rock, then you know it's chock-full with Stephen King references. The series, after all, is inspired by Stephen King's universe, and isn't tied to specifically one story. Season 2 also has its fair share of Easter eggs even though it's more directly connected with Stephen's novel, Misery. Lizzy Caplan plays Annie Wilkes, a nurse who's on the run from a terrible crime with her daughter Joy in tow.

Season 2 of Castle Rock isn't a remake of Misery, nor is it a prequel, exactly. This Annie Wilkes is young and still trying to build a life for her and her daughter (even if that means hopping around from state to state, switching up license plates wherever they go). The get into a car accident and get stuck in Castle Rock, Maine. While her car is getting repaired, she stays in Jerusalem's Lot renting a cabin from her insidious landlord, Ace Merrill.