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Surprise, Surprise: Men Are Nearly Three Times More Emotional Than Women at Work


A new survey has found that men are more emotional than women at work. By a lot. Who knew? Here's who knew: every single woman. Every single woman who has been in any situation with a man, whether at work or not, knows this. While this may not be a surprise (to women, at least), the reasons for it are still worth discussing.

Women are conditioned to de-escalate and remain calm even while others around her lose their minds. When women show emotion, we are considered "difficult" or "bitchy" or "crazy." Men have said for centuries that women are "too emotional" to lead, that we would start wars because of our periods! But it's so not true it's painful. Men have proven time and again that their emotions and insecurities get the best of them and lead to drastic behavior. The male ego is responsible for so much war, for example. And now, research pretty much confirms that.