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Source: fox

Michael Rapaport Plays a Millennial Homer Mentors in New 'Simpsons' Episode


It's kind of crazy that The Simpsons is still on air, but here we are, 31 seasons in and they keep churning out episode after episode. What I always liked about the show aren't just classic moments like this, or the fact that the show's writers have an uncanny knack for predicting the future, but that it's always had tons of celebrity guests voicing characters. 

The upcoming episode, "Go Big or Go Homer" features Mike, a millennial intern, who's voiced by actor Michael Rapaport.

What's really interesting about the casting of Michael as the 35-year-old millennial is that for one, he's not a millennial, and two, his personality embodies a lot of "anti-millennial" ideas. If you're unfamiliar with him and what he's been up to (I remember first seeing him as an actor in True Romance and then Eddie Murphy's rookie sidekick in Metro) The New York Times did a pretty good write-up of his current career as a sports podcaster.