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Source: Reddit / iStock Photo

Military Spouse Thinks She Should Drink for Free, Leaves Nasty Note on Bar Receipt Instead of a Tip


Being a military spouse is extremely difficult. I get it. I really do. The sacrifices families make for their loved ones who serve are really immense. Military spouses constantly shuffle around the country and are often left to parent kids and maintain entire households on their own for years at a time. It's a hard life.

But is it the same level of sacrifice as actually serving? I don't know. Do businesses often have discounts for military members in place? Yes. But for spouses? No. The line has to be drawn somewhere. It's nice when restaurants or stores offer (usually) 10 percent off to show their appreciation for members of the armed forces. But it's not required! One military spouse, however, didn't think she should just get a discount. She thought she should have gotten her drinks for free. And she let everyone know.

Source: Reddit