The Internet Honors Missy Elliott as the "Original Hawk Tuah Girl"

"Missy Elliott better be getting royalties off of that Hawk Tuah stuff," one person wrote on X.

Elissa Noblitt - Author

Jun. 25 2024, Published 9:48 a.m. ET

missy Elliot hawk tuah
Source: YouTube/@Tim & dee tv; Getty Images

Whether you're sick and tired of hearing about the Hawk Tuah girl or you can't get enough, this is the internet — there's always more to add to the conversation. This time, viewers of the viral video, which shows a woman on a night out hilariously using the onomatopoeia of "hawk tuah" to describe the sound of spitting, have a lot to say about who they think the original "Hawk Tuah girl" is.

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A growing base of internet users have begun to claim that the "OG Hawk Tuah girl" is none other than award-winning rapper and '90s/'00s icon Missy Elliott. Let's look at the facts.

missy Elliott hawk tuah girl tiktok
Source: tiktok/@cmomma2013; Getty Images
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"Missy Elliott said ‘Hawk Tuah’ first" — X users celebrate Missy as the original "Hawk Tuah" girl.

If you're old enough to do so, think back to March 13, 2001, when Missy Elliott released her now-famous single "Get Ur Freak On." This song became Missy's first Top 10 hit, cementing her in the hip-hop zeitgeist for the rest of time and, evidently, securing her spot as the original "Hawk Tuah" girl.

"Quiet (Shhh), hush your mouth/Silence when I spit it out (Hawk tuah)/Ain't no stoppin' me," Missy said in the song. Although it wasn't pronounced exactly the same way that the Hawk Tuah Girl did it in the TikTok video, there's no denying that their intentions were the same.

Loyal fans on X, formerly Twitter, have plenty to say about this matter.

"Missy Elliot told us about hawk tuah more than 20 years ago," one person wrote.

"The only "Hawk Tuah" I care about is when Missy Elliot said it first," another said.

So far it doesn't seem that Missy herself has acknowledged this claim to fame, although her fans certainly seem to be doing it for her.

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