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Source: facebook

Tired Mom Pens Poem at 4 A.M. About Husband Who Sleeps While She's Up With Baby


A frustrated new mom's poem about the struggles of enduring sleepless nights while caring for an infant is going viral.

Having a child is an amazing, life-changing experience. I'm a proud and happy father of two and while I went most of my life never wanting kids, I can say without a moment's hesitation that right now I couldn't imagine life any different.

That doesn't mean it's not challenging: in fact, it's the most challenging thing I've ever endured. Staying patient and doing everything you can to be a better role model for your children is extremely demanding. Like my cousin says, there comes a point in every new parent's life where they realize they're basically training their kids out of their own person bad habits. You see the mistakes and deficiencies in your own personality that your children pick up on and now you've got to be a better person yourself.

And as amazing as you feel when things are running smoothly with your children and everything's hunky-dory, those good feelings come as a direct result of seeing your children at their very worst. Which includes the late-nights. The crying. The pooping. The wailing. And the utter lack of sleep with no help in sight.

And if you're raising your child with a partner, it's easy to feel some kind of way when you're "stuck" with the baby while they happily snooze away in bed. It's easy to feel some kind of way about that, which Caroline Olling Andersen did.