“I Was Not Expecting to Come in Here Today” Says a Mom Who Wore Pajamas to Son's School

When a mom had to return to her son's school because he forgot something at home, she realized her pajamas might draw attention. No regrets!

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Sep. 19 2023, Published 1:10 p.m. ET

One of the few joys that come with adulthood is getting to wear whatever you want. Now, I understand a lot of kids can choose their outfits which means they have very cool parents. However, unless they have a job, children are still required to ask permission before making a purchase. Your folks still have some control over how you look when you leave the house.

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I work from home, which means I'm sporting the most leisurely clothes out there. I recently admitted to a friend that there are days when I absolutely forget to change out of my pajamas and work the entire time just like that. Guess I'm a gross monster! It seems like Gabbie Egan feels the same way, because she took to TikTok to assure the world she would never again show up to her son's school in pajamas. School can be pretty boring. Pajamas sound about right.

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It's OK to wear pajamas to your child's school!

Gabbie, who goes by @bbyegan_ on TikTok, was not expecting an impromptu trip into her son's school, but kids are wildly unpredictable! While in Starbucks grabbing a beverage, Gabbie gets a text from her son.

Now, someone in the comments would most assuredly have a problem with Gabbie's son having access to his cell phone while at school but she nipped that in the bud immediately. "School is dangerous," she said. "I love my son's school but I don't trust these crazies out in the world."

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Evidently Gabbie's son forgot what sounds like a very adorable, capitalism-themed assignment. The kids at his school are all applying for jobs I assume are not real. To do this, they filled out job applications but Gabbie's son left his at home. I would give my entire kingdom to see some of these applications. Next to previous employment I'd just write my pet's name. That's right, my dog Lorraine was my manager.

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It's important to note that apart from the pajamas, which I will get to in a moment, Gabbie has various stickers stuck to her face. Frankly, she seems very fun. So, she goes back home and gets the application then heads to her son's school.

Before I address Gabbie's pajamas, I'd love to dive into what pajamas actually are. Merriam-Webster defines them as a "loose usually two-piece lightweight suit designed especially for sleeping or lounging." Once upon a time, pj's were absolutely more formal. With each generation, they got more and more relaxed. Nowadays it seems like anything can be pajamas, as long as you can sleep in them.

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Gabbie's outfit doesn't look like traditional pajamas. She has on a tie-dye sweatshirt as well as tie-dye leggings. I think for her, the issue is actually the fact that the word ANXIOUS is written in huge letters on her top. It's something Gabbie sells on her own website. There is nothing wrong with being anxious! Sorry Dunkin' Donuts, but that's what America runs on.

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Perhaps if this was a quick trip in and out, Gabbie would be less embarrassed. Unfortunately she got stuck there for a bit. The front office could not be more understanding when Gabbie explained she was not expecting to see anyone while dressed in her pajamas. Then, the school nurse popped out of her office.

"Are you Gabbie," she asked. "Did you just sign up online, for the color-run?" If anyone is signing up for something called a color-run, it's a woman wearing top-to-bottom tie-dye.

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True to Gabbie's sweatshirt, she was trapped in the school having an anxiety attack while the nurse droned on and on about the color-run paperwork. Honestly, the person you want to have an anxiety attack in front of is the school nurse. If I had to choose. Once Gabbie finally escaped she vowed to never leave the house like that again which is a bummer, because she looks super amusing.

People flooded the comments with nothing but kind words to say about Gabbie. She might have felt ridiculous, but most people thought it was indicative of the kind of mother she is. Gabbie is committed and doesn't let a wacky outfit stop her from being there for her son.

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