Mom Says Using Kids to Get Out of Things Early Is a Major Unspoken Upside to Having Kids

A woman reacted to a question about the benefits of having kids and according to her, one benefit is using them as an excuse to leave events early.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Sep. 13 2023, Published 2:02 p.m. ET

As a parent, it's my job to say that having children is priceless and that the benefits are too obvious to even list out. And I do stand by that. But I also stand by the idea that there are other benefits to having kids that you just have to talk about, like using kids as an excuse to leave early at events. TikTok user Jillian (@jillianblack_) shares that sentiment in a short video.

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In her video, Jillian answers a stitched TikTok about the “unsung benefit to having kids.” She explains in a few seconds that, to her, the ability to use kids as an excuse for getting out of or leaving social engagements early is a legit benefit. But the comments under the video are a treasure trove of other unsung and rarely mentioned upsides to having children.

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One mom says using kids as an excuse to leave early is an unspoken parenting benefit.

In her TikTok video, Jillian says that "you get to use them as an excuse to not go out and socialize and to leave things early." And OK, she’s not wrong here. There may have been a few times where I used my kids’ early bedtimes as an excuse to get us all out of a social event that was lasting too long.

And I’m sure I have told a tiny lie or two over the years about not being able to find a sitter. What can I say — sometimes, I would rather be home on a Saturday night with my kids. And by “sometimes,” I mean “most times.” So if an unsung benefit to having kids is using them as an excuse to be a little less social than I am comfortable with, then I guess I’m not unlike this mom on TikTok.

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Other parents share other unexpected and unspoken benefits of having kids.

Besides potentially filling some feeling inside of you as a person who wants kids, there are other little benefits of having kids that no one really talks about or considers.

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Like, according to one comment, they can "act ridiculous in public" since their kids think it's funny most of the time. Until they get older and call you "cringe" of course, but that's another story and it may be where I stand with my oldest right now.

Another parent said, "I don't know how I ever survived not having wipes with me 24/7." And according to another comment, "They bring you snacks so you don't have to get up." Which is, to be honest, another solid argument for having kids. In addition to that unconditional love and purpose, of course.

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If you have kids, you also "get to use kids as an excuse to play with toys / watch child shows or movies," according to another comment. Maybe some of us don't really need an excuse for that, but it's still a fair point.

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I also can't help but agree with the comments that say some parents love to use their kids as an excuse to get out of extended family events or to leave those events early.

You just have to be careful with the "we have to leave, he's going to get cranky" comments, because if your toddler is happily playing, there's a good chance others may not believe you. I speak from experience.

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Let's be clear. I know and appreciate the genuine value I get from being a parent. But there's nothing in the nonexistent parenting handbook that says you can't also enjoy and appreciate those unexpected and unsung benefits of having kids.

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