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Source: Facebook

Genius Mom Shares Hack for Getting Her Kid to Stop Begging for Toys


Kristina Watts is a mom of three, so she knows what it's like to shlep through the aisles of Target or Walmart just praying her kid doesn't catch a glimpse of the latest Frozen doll or Lego set. Because when kids set their sights on a toy, it's all over. The whole shopping trip becomes an exhausting circular conversation of "Can I have it?" and "No! Put it back!" and "But I want it!" and "But you don't make the rules!"

Whether you're a parent or a former annoying kid (we were all annoying!), you recognize this situation. And these shopping trips become especially harrowing during the holiday season because kids know they're getting presents soon. They taste sweet victory, so they think if they just beg enough, they'll convince their parents to give in. But Kristina has figured out a brilliant, simple way to stop these conversations in their tracks, and she went totally viral for it. 

Source: Facebook