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Mom Who Couldn't Visit Baby in Intensive Care Shares Nurse's Judgmental Notes


When you're a new mom, emotions can understandably run high. This fact is even more relevant when your baby is born premature and required around the clock care in an intensive care unit. This is the situation one busy mom recently found herself in. 

The mom in question, who took to Mumsnet, a British Internet forums for moms, had an incredibly busy schedule and couldn't make time to visit her child in the hospital every single day. A fact that the nurses in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) nurses, picked up on. She requested a copy of her child#s medical records and saw some distressing notes, which she decided to share online. 

The mom described what the nursing staff wrote about her: 

"I'm in tears. Requested my baby's medical notes after a prem birth. Found a part where they started a visiting log as they felt we didn't stay on the ward long enough, that I wasn't talkative enough and that my husband 'rarely visited.'"