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Source: twitter

People Are Throwing Cheese on Their Babies' Faces for Likes


People are decrying a new internet challenge that encourages parents to throw slices of cheese on their babies' faces and then recording their reactions.

It's no secret that millennial humor is kinda weird, there's even been serious pieces written about just how weird it can be.

There's a type of randomness and a lack of punchlines, at least when it comes to memes and funny viral trends on the internet. Sometimes this "weirdness" manifests itself in the form of viral challenges, like this one that had people driving with blindfolds on, as inspired by the film Bird Box

One trend that isn't exactly "new" is throwing cheese on the faces of pets and people. It's unclear as to how this utterly asinine form of entertainment came about, but I'd say that it all got started after someone tried throwing cheese to their dog to see how fast they could catch and eat it, only to see the cheese land on their pupper, sadly uneaten.

Usually, dogs gobble it up with no problem, like so.