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Mom Gets Heat for Controversial Note on How Women Should "Serve" Their Husbands


A Christian mommy blogger is facing backlash after a series of her posts extolling the virtues of being a housewife were discovered online.

I'm no stranger to traditional gender roles: I grew up the son of immigrants who came from a very patriarchal society. The women were married young and usually to men who were older than them. Education and potential careers that could come as a result of that education wasn't really a life path that was generally encouraged.

That's not to say the women in my family aren't brilliant and don't bust their humps in their respective family businesses: I'm in awe at the work ethic, intelligence, class, and dedication the female members of my family inhabit. My dad's construction business wouldn't be anything without my mother's hard work, and several of my aunts are absolute badasses when it comes to managing their own respective businesses.

But there's a general understanding that it's the man who's expected to bring home the bacon and the wife who should stay home with the kids and be that maternal, stay-at-home, nurturing figure. It's not to the extent of what they'd experience "back home," but one can feel that the sentiment is still there. Heck, my wife's own family, despite her being way more capable, likable, and intelligent than I am look at me like I have nine heads when I tell them that she's going to absolutely crush it in her respective career once she decides to get back to work.