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Source: Instagram

The 'Mr. Robot' Series Finale Leaves Viewers With More Questions Than Answers


The series finale of Mr. Robot answered the question viewers have been wondering for most of the series: who are you?

Well... sort of.

The finale gave one final plot twist that probably left viewers with more unanswered questions than they had at the beginning of the season — one final mic drop to leave the series sitting with viewers for some time. If you watched the two-part finale and are still reeling from that final turn of events, here's the series finale, explained.

Need the Mr. Robot finale explained? The Elliot we know isn't the real Elliot.

In what's probably the hardest twist of the knife, the Elliot that we've been following for four seasons isn't the real Elliot, but actually an alternate personality that Elliot has created to protect himself from trauma. This alternate personality is dubbed "The Mastermind."

Elliot has struggled with dissociative identity disorder, anxiety, and clinical depression, and the ending reveals that he's created multiple personalities to help him deal with his trauma.