Is [SPOILER] Really Dead on 'Mr. Robot' Season 4?

The latest episode of 'Mr. Robot' introduced the death of another character integral to the show's overarching plot. Here's who departed this time.


Apr. 15 2020, Updated 10:21 p.m. ET

tyrell wellick
Source: USA Network

Season 4 of Mr. Robot has been a roller coaster ride for fans who have been on board since the beginning of the series. As it entered its final season, it's been pulling zero punches in terms of knocking out important characters left and right.

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First, Angela Moss (Portia Doubleday) met an unfortunate end, and now another — who has been there since the very beginning. So, who was the latest to pass away? Was it a member of the hacker group fsociety or perhaps the Dark Army? We've got all the answers. 

Is Mr. Robot's Tyrell Wellick dead?

It looks like Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström), the former Senior Vice President of Technology at E Corp and recent fsociety member, is the latest series regular to have bought the farm on Mr. Robot Season 4. In the episode "404 Not Found," the original Mr. Robot antagonist has his final sendoff in a seriously shocking moment. 

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Source: USA Network

In the latest episode, Rami Malek's Elliot and Christian Slater's titular Mr. Robot walk alongside Tyrell as they set off on a mission to find a Dark Army operative who's presumed dead. Failure is not an option, and yet they press on in an attempt to make things right. 

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On their way through the inky black of the forest, Elliot and Tyrell can hear someone screaming — taking their final moments. It's at this point that Tyrell decides to come clean about his true feelings for Elliot, mostly how much he loves him. After the touching moment, though, darkness comes for Tyrell. They happen upon the missing Dark Army operative, who shoots himself – but also fatally shot Tyrell as well. Tyrell knows this is the end, and saunters off into the black of the night. 

Source: USA Network
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Wallström, who portrays Tyrell, spoke about the powerful scene with The Hollywood Reporter

"Tyrell doesn't have to be someone for Elliot. Elliot turns out to be almost an idol, someone Tyrell wishes he was, that he didn't have to care about what other people think of him, to fit into this frame that he created for himself and his wife, all of it. Elliot stands for all the freedom that Tyrell really wants." 

Showrunner Sam Esmail explained that the final scene between Elliot and Tyrell was necessary.  

"We needed to construct an episode where we could have those two people finally hash out how they feel about each other, what they think about each other and what they really want out of the worlds and their world views," he said. 

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Source: USA Network

"We wanted to see them connect — and then, in Tyrell fashion, we wanted to have a surreal tone to the whole episode. That's why we thought having these two guys go through the woods really felt right: a surreal and existential backdrop of the desolate woods and the cold, with nothing else in sight, and nothing to hear, except for an odd sound they can't quite pinpoint … the howl of death. It just felt so appropriate."

Now that Tyrell's out of the picture, who's next? We're truly interested in seeing what happens from here.

Watch Mr. Robot's final season on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on the USA Network.

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