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Source: gofundme

This Paramedic Cracked Her Neck so Much She Accidentally Paralyzed Herself


23-year-old Paramedic Natalie Kunicki was left paralyzed after suffering a stroke. That's a young age for anyone to have a stroke, especially someone who works in the medical field and has a pretty good understanding of self-care. But it turns out Natalie's paralysis was brought on by a perpetual habit tons of people do on a daily basis: excessive joint cracking.

There's something undeniably satisfying about cracking your joints. I'm convinced that 100 percent of people who become chiropractors do it because they love that sound. Sure you get the added benefit of "helping people" and "relieving pain" and "improving their quality of life" but we all know the real reward is that bone-release action.

The thing is though, if you were raised by overly protective parents and grandparents like me, then you've probably heard some horror stories and urban legends about cracking your neck.

Obviously I wasn't going to listen to what my Nana said — she couldn't even drive a car and called my Sega Genesis a "Nintendo," so what did she know?

Well, it turns out I maybe should've listened to Nana after all, because reading about the way Natalie paralyzed herself is giving me some major second thoughts about cracking my joints and releasing those sweet pockets of air.