Get Ready for New Year's Eve With These Nail Art Ideas From TikTok

It's time to celebrate unforgettable moments during the holiday season including New Year's Eve. These TikTok nail art ideas should be very inspiring.

Stephanie Harper - Author

Dec. 27 2021, Published 1:15 p.m. ET

TikTok @nailz_by_cheyenne and @beiki.gs26
Source: TikTok / @nailz_by_cheyenne; TikTok / @beiki.gs26

When getting ready for New Year’s Eve, one thing a lot of people genuinely care about is what their nails look like. For many individuals, consistent nail appointments throughout the year are already part of the schedule.

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When it comes time to celebrate unforgettable moments during the holiday season, having the ideal set of nails for New Year's Eve is a must. Here are some of the trendiest and most inspiring nail art sets and ideas from TikTokers who are ready for 2022.

This glittery nail set is ideal for New Year’s Eve.

TikTok @morg_avery
Source: TikTok / @morg_avery

A user on TikTok named @morg_avery posted a video showcasing the entire process of nail art for New Year’s Eve. Her nail tech fixed her up with stiletto-shaped nails and covered the tips with a bunch of glitter and sparkle polish. On the ring fingers of both hands, instead of covering the nail tips with a lot of sparkles, her tech added a line of beautiful crystals to add to a gorgeous 3-D effect.

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These nails will get you in the mood to watch fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Anyone who’s going to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022 with a fireworks show might totally appreciate the fireworks painted onto the acrylic nails from a TikToker named @bmakeuper. The nail tech creating this design chose to use a black base coat with white firework streaks in the front. She didn’t hesitate when it came to adding splashes of color though either. Some of the fireworks streaks are pink, blue, and even gold.

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These nails could be perfect for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

A TikToker named @nailz_by_cheyenne posted the entire transition from her original snowflake acrylic nail set into something brand new that could work for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve interchangeably. Her first set was sort of basic, but she changed that in an undeniable way.

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The new set involves huge crystals near the base of each nail, reminding anyone who sees them of what it might feel like to open a gift box of jewelry during the holiday season. She used the subtle color of nude acrylic gel underneath the crystal artwork so the crystals would totally pop.

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New Year’s Eve nails should sometimes include countdown clocks.

One of the most enjoyable parts of New Year’s Eve night is watching the clock as it counts down the last few minutes of the old year. The clock serves as proof you're about to enter the new year soon. A TikToker named @beiki.gs26 posted a series of incredibly beautiful New Year’s Eve nail art ideas that share a few major details in common.

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A lot of the designs include darker colors of black and dark blue paired with lighter colors like bright silver and shiny gold. Three of the nails sets she added to her collage video include different versions of adorable-looking New Year’s Eve clocks.

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Isn't New Year’s Eve the perfect time for a glass of champagne?

According to a TikTok user named @_nailsbysky_, champagne is easily one of the major staples for celebrating a holiday like New Year’s Eve. So much so, she’s even decided to decorate her acrylic nails with a glass of champagne! She didn’t skimp out when it came to adding a lot of glittery shine to her design either. The champagne glass itself is sparkly gold surrounded by red holiday decorations dripping around the edges from every angle.

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