“You’re Not My Boss” — Woman Records Co-Worker's Power Trip, Tries to Force Her Clean Up

"Acting like your boss when you guys both make the same is craazzyyy"

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Mar. 25 2024, Published 9:24 a.m. ET

Coworker Tries to Make Woman Clean
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A woman recorded a co-worker she says wasn't her boss, trying to force her to clean while she was on the job. Marie (@spiffysince96) posted a viral TikTok video of the incident, where she can be heard having a verbal altercation with another woman.

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In their exchange, which Distractify has transcribed below, it sounds like the supervisor threatens the young woman's job for not abiding by her appeals to clean.

A text overlay in the video reads: "On today's episode of my hostile work environment."

The following is a dialogue exchange between Marie and the co-workers she says attempted to try and get her to clean.

"You wanna sweep or you wanna mop?"

"No I'm not doing anything," the employee responds.

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Source: TikTok | @spiffysince96

"Okay, then you can go home too," the co-worker says.

"No cause you're not my boss," Marie responds.

"Oh I'm not?"

"No, you're not," the TikToker reiterates.

"Okay perfect."

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"Tell them she says I'm not her boss. Poor little thing," the supervisor can be heard laughing, while talking to someone else off camera.

"I did because she's not, my boss' name is not as who I work for," the TikToker appears to say.

At some point in the video, it seems like the supervisor is speaking to another employee off-camera and commenting that Marie is "not going to be there for long."

In a caption for the video, she further explained how being a cleaner isn't in her job description, and that she's only responsible for a specific area she's assigned to.

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coworker tries to make woman clean
Source: TikTok | @spiffysince96

"‼️ EDIT: Cleaning is NOT in my job description. I maintain MY AREA. She's not my boss & cannot assign me new work duties or send me home before the end of my shift thank you I don't care what the situation is, there’s never a reason for you to behave this way at work & nobody should have to work in this type of environment. I can't wait to quit," she penned.

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Even though it seems that the workplace tussle is over with, from additional information Marie conveys in text overlays throughout the video, she details power-trip-esque behavior from her co-worker.

"At this point, I had stopped arguing so she would leave me alone but she continued to antagonize me by coming into my area & grabbing my chair," she penned.

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coworker tries to make woman clean
Source: TikTok | @spiffysince96

"I need you to move," the supervisor could be heard saying.

"No I would just prefer if you just get away from here. Get away from me," Marie replies to the manager who can be heard protesting loudly off camera.

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"Now she's just harassing me," Marie says, after adding another text overlay to the video that reads: "This is when she physically grabbed my chair & pushed it with me in it in an attempt to get a physical reaction out of me."

The manager can be heard saying mockingly, "I'm harassing her."

"Even the other two are both telling her to leave me alone & she refuses to," she adds in another overlay before writing, "And she continues with the comments.

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coworker tries to make woman clean
Source: TikTok | @spiffysince96

Commenters who watched the video and heard the conversation between the two women thought that there was a clear problem with the way that Marie's coworker was speaking to her, even telling her that if she is indeed fired she could have a good legal case on her hands against the company: "The funny thing is, if they fire you, you can sue for wrongful termination and a hostile work environment and they have to prove it isn’t. You will win."

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Someone else echoed this thought process too, writing: "Hi. Advocate here. Every state has an office of civil rights. Please file a complaint. This is not only hostile work environment but also sound retaliatory. You don’t need to hire an attorney."

"contact OSHA about the hostile work environment. it will stop and you will probably get paid lol," another wrote.

What did you think of their interaction? Have you ever been at a job and had someone who wasn't your supervisor try to tell you what to do?

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