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Source: iStock

Totally Healthy Dog Euthanized Because Owner Wanted to Be Buried With Her


People are horrified that a woman's estate carried out her will, which requested she be buried with her dog.

Although being buried with another being other than yourself is generally kind of weird, it's how the estate went about fulfilling the last request that has everyone up in arms.

And that's because there was nothing wrong with her pet. She was euthanized for no other reason than so she would be buried with her owner.

I personally don't own any pets anymore because I've had to suffer through the deaths of two dogs and it's not an experience I'd like to re-live. Sure, it teaches a life lesson about loss and pain and honoring past loved ones and all that good stuff, but there's one problem: it hurts.

I hate thinking about animals suffering, especially when their suffering is caused by the crummy things humans impose on them.