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Source: imgur

Dog Owner Discovers Her "Trainer" May Have Sold Her Dog


If there's one thing normal, functioning human beings can't stand, it's the mistreatment of animals, especially dogs. 

I don't know if there's another species that mourns the abuse of another species like humans do, but I think I know why it bothers us so much: because much like children, animals are innocent.

That's probably why this story is freaking so many people out online. Rachel gave her dog Ollie to a man named Hunter Nelson, who had a dog training business that seemed legitimate. Hunter was supposed to train Ollie, like he allegedly did with many dogs, and teach the pup to be the goodest of good boys.

However when Rachel tried to schedule a pickup for her dog, Hunter attempted to stymie any attempt at every turn. Text after text brought a litany of excuses why she couldn't come get her dog. 

In the beginning, Rachel was patient — so patient that anyone reading these messages is probably asking why in the world she's giving this dude the benefit of the doubt.