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Source: Youtube

Prince Oleg of Novgorod Was the Wicked Leader 'Vikings' Portrays Him to Be


Prince Oleg was one of the most dreaded warriors of the Viking Age, and it only makes sense for the creators of Vikings to finally include him in the show.  

The vile tyrant made his first appearance in the Season 6 premiere, showcasing the strategic finesse and evil ambitions viewers aren't likely to forget anytime soon. 

We already watched Prince Oleg (Vikings actor: Danila Kozlovsky) kill his own brother before he went on to torture Ivar the Boneless' men. What's next? 

Prince Oleg's character is based on a historical figure. 

A key figure of Slavic folklore, Prince Oleg of Novgorod is often hailed as the founder of the Kievan Rus state. His numerous conquests cemented him as a key historical figure, and his ability to subjugate the Slavic tribes living in the Eastern-European region are praised unanimously by books on the period.

Although this tends to be brushed under the carpet somewhat, he also happened to be a merciless leader and a first-class warrior.