More Stalking Stories Have Surfaced From 'Baby Reindeer's' Real Martha

"Wherever she discovered we were, me and my staff and my inner circle, she'd breeze in."

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jun. 26 2024, Updated 5:10 p.m. ET

(L-R): Fiona Harvey; Jessica Gunning as Martha in 'Baby Reindeer'
Source: YouTube/Piers Morgan (video still); Netflix

In May 2024, a woman by the name of Fiona Harvey went on Piers Morgan's Uncensored to refute troubling rumors about her. Based on context clues provided in Netflix's Baby Reindeer, which centers around a woman named Martha who stalks a Scottish comic named Donny, cyber-sleuths deduced the actual Martha was Harvey. The series itself is based on creator and star Richard Gadd's actual years-long experience with a stalker, which prompted him to ask internet detectives to please stop digging.

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Since Harvey's appearance on Morgan's show, another person has come forward with troubling allegations about the woman who is now suing Netflix and "demanding $170 million in damages due to the show’s depiction of Martha," per Variety. British politician and broadcaster George Galloway has revealed shocking claims about his interactions with Harvey. Did the real-life Martha from Baby Reindeer also stalk him? For his sake, we hope not.

George Galloway speaks during his party's manifesto launch at the Voco hotel on June 19, 2024
Source: Getty Images
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George Galloway says he too was stalked by the real-life Martha from 'Baby Reindeer.'

Galloway told Morgan ahead of his appearance that when he saw Harvey on Uncensored, he was riveted by the host's interview. "It took me right back to the 1980s when stalking was up close and personal. There was no email. There was no texting," he said. "That's what she did to me." At the time she was a member of the Labor Party and was a constituent of Galloway's who had just been elected to Parliament in 1987.

While trying to navigate his new position, Galloway suddenly found himself on the receiving end of Harvey's obsession. "Everywhere I turned, she was there," he told Morgan. Initially Galloway thought Harvey might have had a bit of a crush on him, but he later came to realize it was a far more insidious situation. "It turns out she fancied my job," explained Galloway.

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Galloway went on to say that he was relentlessly stalked by Harvey who was "up close and personal" in her infatuation. "She called me hundreds of times." Harvey would also pop up in person in a variety of places, some of which were very inappropriate. "Wherever she discovered we were, me and my staff and my inner circle, she'd breeze in." Despite this, Galloway wished her all the best.

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According to the lawsuit Harvey filed, she is claiming "the lies that Defendants told about Harvey to over 50 million people worldwide include that Harvey is a twice-convicted stalker who was sentenced to five years in prison and that Harvey sexually assaulted Gadd. Defendants told these lies and never stopped because it was a better story than the truth, and better stories made money."i

It goes on to say, "As a result of Defendants’ lies, malfeasance and utterly reckless misconduct, Harvey’s life had been ruined. Simply, Netflix and Gadd destroyed her reputation, her character and her life." In response to this, Netflix said, "We intend to defend this matter vigorously and to stand by Richard Gadd’s right to tell his story."

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