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Source: reddit

Woman Encourages People in a Ring Shaming Group to Roast Her Engagement Ring — It Doesn't Go as Planned


A woman who posted to a ring shaming group asking for others to dunk on her fiancé's poor taste in jewelry is feeling the wrath of the internet right now.

While it's difficult for me, someone who abhors jewelry (especially diamonds) to care enough about someone's "struggle" with finding the perfect engagement ring, I get that this is not a normal thought to have.

I can appreciate why someone would want their engagement ring to be super extra special if they truly believe the person they're in love with is super extra special, because then they can look down at their ring and flex on whoever they come across. "Yeah my love is better than YOURS and I've got the rock to prove it. So suck on that, barista, and don't forget the extra soy milk this time."

I can also appreciate when someone isn't entirely happy with their ring and want to get it changed for something that better suits their personal style. My wife'll buy me clothes that I begrudgingly put on and I either look Steve Buscemi here, or pretty darn good. If it's the former, I politely thank her for thinking of me, but it's not really something I'm going to wear.

What I don't do is post a photo of the clothes on an apparel-shaming Facebook group saying, "Yo my girl's an IDIOT —look what she thinks I'd wear. Pfffft."